Consultancy Projects

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)

Consultancy Projects

Sr No Title of the Project Whether completed or the Progress Duraion Amount of grant (in Rs) Funding Agency Co-Investigator (s) if any
1. National Institute of Procurement Management Completed August 2014 6 months 10.00 lakh DGS&D Prof. K.T. Bhal and Dr. Shveta Singh
2. Study on Benchmarking Performance of DGS&D Completed Feb 2016 12 months 30.00 lakh DGS&D Prof. K.T. Bhal, Dr. Shveta Singh and Dr. J. Madaan
3. Study on “Procurement of Stores post Decentralization in 1991” Completed March 2016 12months 30.00 lakh DGS&D Prof. K.T. Bhal, Dr. Shveta Singh and Dr. Sanjay Dhir
4. Switching Over to Life Cycle Costing for Select Procurement Items Completed

April 2014

6 months 8 lakhs DGS&D Prof. K.T. Bhal and Dr. Shveta Singh
5. Restructuring of Mission &Vision,

Corporate Plan, R&D Policy and R&D Plan for NBCC

October, 2012 – March, 2013 6 months 11 lakhs NBCC Limited
6. Growth Strategy for a SME February – April, 2009 3 months 1.00 Lakh Om Fire Safety Co. Pvt. Ltd.
7. Expert Support to BSNL Board in Selecting Consultant for Company Strategy Formulation and BPR Completed May 2007 I week 0.75 lakh BSNL
8. In House Programme on Strategic Management Completed

December 2006

1 month 1.20 lakh National Fertilizers Limited Dr.K. Momaya
9. Advisory Support for the Initiatives involving Balanced Score Card and Benchmarking Completed

October 2006

2 months 0.50 lakh WIPRO InfoTech
10. Advise on Ongoing Product Development Completed

May 2006

3 months 0.45 lakh ITpreneurs Services Pvt.Ltd.
11. Establishing of an Engineering and Management Institute in Nagaland University Completed

March 2006

3 months 0.3 lakh EdCIL
12. Designing an Incentive/ Disincentive System for Monitoring the Performance of Fertilizer Companies Completed August 2005 12 months 3.85 lakhs Department of Fertilizers
13. Relevance and Strategic Functioning of DGS&D Completed June 2004 12 months 17 lakhs DGS&D Dr K.T. Bhal
14. Status of Technology Management Education in Select Countries Completed August 2002 12 months 1.5 lakhs DSIR
15. Knowledge Management Programme at Sona Completed April, 2002 12 months 12 lakhs Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. Dr K. Momaya, Dr J. Chatterjee, IIT, Kanpur
16. Status of Technology Management Education in India Completed January 2001 12 months 0.5 lakh EdCIL
17. Learning Organization Programme Completed December, 2001 4 months 3 lakhs FSD International (Vedaris)
18. Benchmarking for a Telecom Consulting Company Completed December 2000 4 months 0.5 lakh James Martin and Company
19. Comparative Technology Evaluation of four Models of Air Conditioners Completed February 2000 3 months 1.25 lakhs LG Electronics Dr A.K. Pandey, PI,

Dr C. Singh

20. Turn-around cum Growth Plan for High Tech. Vocational Training Centre Completed

Feb 1999

9 months 3.5 lakhs Government of Delhi Dr S.G. Deshmukh

Dr K. Momaya

21. Dealer Management Systems of Autometers Limited Completed December 1999 9 months 1 lakh Autometers Alliance Ltd. Er H. Chaudhry
22. Organization Climate and Employee Satisfaction/ Motivation in DRDO Labs Completed

April 1999

8 months 2 lakhs DRDO Dr S. Karunes, Dr S.S. Yadav, Dr K.T. Bhal
23. Turn-around Cum Growth Plan for Tool Room Training Centre Completed August 1998 8 months 3.5 lakhs Dantool Prof. P.K.Jain, Dr M.P. Gupta
24. Technology Evaluation of Three Models of Washing Machine Completed, August 1997 1 Week 0.6 lakh LG Electronics Dr A.K. Raghav, Dr C. Singh
25. Stores Management in GAIL: A Systems Study Completed, May 1997 12 months 6 lakhs GAIL Prof. P.K. Jain
26. Capacity Planning of the Thapar- Dimensions Financial Services Project Completed

August 1996

6 months 2 lakhs Ballarpur Industries Ltd.
27. A Systems Study of Rationalization of Induction Policy in DRDO Completed, 1996 6 months 75,000 DRDO
28. Restructuring the Government Office Completed, 1996 8 months 4.5 lakhs Fifth Central Pay Commission Dr S. Kanungo and Dr K.T. Bhal
29. Assessment of Cotton Stalk Based Particle Board Plants in Cooperative Sector Completed, 1995 3 months 2.5 lakhs NCDC Prof. P.K. Jain
30. Curriculum Development for B.E. Programme in “Industrial Engg. and Management” for Engg. College, Ferojpur Completed 1993 3 months 5,000 EDCIL
31. Curriculum Development for Two M.Tech. Programmes in Kaling Vihar Project Completed


3 months 7,500 EDCIL
32. System Dynamics Study of Policy Modelling and Analysis in the Computer Software Industry Completed 1990 6 months 1 lakh TCS
33. Ideal Fleet Mix for Delhi Transport Corporation- An OR Study Completed 1986 6 months 50,000 DTC Dr A. Kanda
34. Motivational Package for Railway Workshops Completed, 1985 2 months 8,000 RITES New Delhi Prof. D.K. Banwet
35. Cost-effectiveness of Rural Health Systems in India Completed, 1984 6 months 12,000 Centre for Research Planning and Action
36. Identification of Productivity Improvements in a Spinning and Weaving Mill Completed, 1984 6 months 10,000 Modi Spinning and Weaving Mills Prof. P. Vrat
37. Facilities Planning of New Bus Workshop at Okhla, New Delhi Completed, 1979 6 months 10,000 Consulting Engg. Services New Delhi Prof. P.Vrat and other members