Book : Flowing Stream Strategy

Flowing-stream-stretegy-cover-page[3] 2012, 2012, XII, 284 p. 85 illus., 19 in color.

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Sushil, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India

Flowing Stream Strategy
Leveraging Strategic Change with Continuity

▶ A discussion on the continuity and change forces with real life
▶ Proposing a metaphorical approach to strategy in the form of
Continuity-Change matrix
▶ Presenting first major implementable framework for managing
continuity and change synergistically
▶ An exposition of the principles of flowing stream strategy
▶ A unique framework of key channels of flowing stream strategy
▶ A review of golden strategies that are followed by various leading
organizations globally to deal with the confluence of continuity and
▶ A clear and simple methodology and tools to encourage
implementation of the frameworks proposed in this book
▶ A checklist at the end of each chapter for practitioners to reflect upon the applicability of the concepts presented in the context of their
own settings
▶ Comprehensive case studies of select global organizations as flowing streams exposing this novel framework in practical settings
▶ A large number of real life examples from various parts of the world

Though the concern regarding the confluence of continuity and change is well accepted, there is hardly any well known framework in the literature that can be used as a benchmark to deal with this paradoxical issue. Keeping in view the significance of the topic and the lack of practical frameworks in managing continuity and change this book is an endeavor to fill the gap

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