Sponsored Research

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)

Sponsored Research

Sr No Title of the Project Whether completed or the Progress Duration Amount of grant (In Rs) Funding Agency Co-Investigator (s) if any
1. Strategic Business Development Plan for Bamboo Furniture Industry in India In Progress

Up to 2018

2 years 9 lakhs NECTAR Dr. Sanjay Dhir
2. Abdulaziz Alsagar Chair Professor In Progress

Up to June 2018

5 years 6 lakhs / year
3. Technology Forecasting and Technology Assessment for handling and transportation of fly ash Completed September 2014 2 years 13 lakhs DST Dr. Mahim Sagar

Dr. S. P. Singh

4. Constructing a Technology Roadmap to Assess the Validity and Viability of a Technology to be Acquired Completed December 2010 2 Months US$ 3000 APCTT, UN
5. Strategic Risks and Valuation Models in Planning and Implementing Technology Transfer Projects Completed

January 2008

2 Months US$ 2500 APCTT, UN
6. Technology Capability Building: A Flexible Systems Management Approach Completed February 2004 1 year 5 lakhs DST Dr K. Momaya (PI)
7. Adopting Balanced Score Card as a Comprehensive Performance Management System Completed April 2003 4 months 1 lakhs ITM Mussoorie
8. Flexibility in Technology Transfer from R&D to Field Completed March 2003 1 year 5 lakhs ITM Mussoorie Dr K. Momaya
9. Human Resource and Organizational Flexibility in R&D Organizations Completed March 2003 1 year 5 lakhs ITM Mussoorie
10. Solid Waste Management Completed June 2002 6 months 5 lakhs DST Prof. P. Vasudevan (RDT) (PI)
11. Impact of In-house R&D on Corporate Performance: A Case Study of Chemical and Electronics Industries Completed March 2000 1 Year 3 lakhs DST Dr A.S. Ray (JNU), Dr V. Upadhyay
12. ModiCorp Learning Centre Completed, 2001 3 Yrs 30 lakhs ModiCorp Dr (Mrs) S. Karunes
13. Thrust Area Project on Management of Technology Completed, March 1997 3 Yrs 15 lakhs AICTE Dr S.K. Jain & Dr S. Karunes
14. Study of Management of Technology in Indian Machinery Manufacturing in the Private Sector Completed


1 Year 1 lakh DST, New Delhi Prof. P.P. Singh (Principal Investigator)
15. Training and Research for water resources and Environmental planning of U.P. Completed, 1984 3 Years 5 lakhs approx. Ford Foundation Prof. M.C. Chaturvedi Prof. P.S. Satsangi