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Thesis Supervised (Ph.D.)

Name of the Student
Title of Thesis Year of Completion Co-supervisor
Srikant Acharya Multi-stakeholder Perspective of Strategic Performance Management: A Study of E-Learning Providers in Non-formal Education Domain in India Thesis submitted 2016
Vivek Gupta Determinants of Successful IS Outsourcing Relationship: A Study of Select Vendor Organizations Thesis submitted 2016
Komal Khatter Execution and Performance of Strategic Alliances: A Study of Software Companies in Indian Context 2016 Dr. Mahim Sagar
G.V.R. Sastry Star Model of Strategic Product Integration through Mobile Applications: A Study of Select Service Industries 2015
Sumant Biswas Achieving Organization Vitality through Strategic Knowledge Management and Vitalization Processes: A Study of Select Industries 2015
Kumar Shalender Development of Marketing Flexibility Measurement Scale for Automobile Companies 2014 Dr. Nripendra Singh, JIIT Noida
Neetu Yadav Strategic Framework for Performance Measurement and Management: A Study of Select Industries 2014 Dr. Mahim Sagar
Anshu Mittal Effectiveness of Mergers and Acquisitions: A Study of Corporate Enterprises in Indian Auto-Ancillary, IT and Pharmaceutical Sectors 2014 Prof. P.K.Jain
Amit Srivastava Building a Model of Strategic Execution Excellence: A Study of Select Firms in Infrastructure Sector 2014 Prof. V. Gautam
Sudhir Kumar Mittal Strategic Framework for Enhancing National Technological Competitiveness: Focus on Indian Telecom Sector 2013 Dr. K. Momaya
S.B. Khare Strategy Formulation and Deployment with Confluence of Continuity and Change: A Study of Telecom Service Business 2013 Prof. P.K.Jain
D.N. Gupta Policy Options for Agro-Residue Electricity System: A Case Study of Wardha Block 2012 Dr. V.K. Vijay & Prof. R. Prasad
Sumit Jain Strategic Management of Continuity and Change in Engineering Industry 2012 Prof. Rajiv Garg, NIT, Jalandhar
M.A. Khan Flexibility in Strategic Performance Management Systems 2011 Prof. R.K. Mittal, GGSIP Univ., New Delhi
U.C. Prasad Management of Continuity and Change in Private Higher Technical Education 2011 Dr. R.K. Suri
Jeetarani Udgata Development of a Framework for International Marketing Strategy: A Study of Indian Shrimps/Prawns 2011 Prof. R.M. Joshi, IIFT, New Delhi
R. Umamaheswari Strategic Factors for Achieving Breakthrough Growth: A Study of Select Firms in Indian Context 2010 Dr. K. Momaya
Saboohi Nasim Strategic Management of Continuity and Change: A Study of Select E-Government Projects in India 2010
Jyoti S.A. Bhat Strategic Management of Innovation through Confluence of Continuity and Change 2010 Prof. P.K.Jain
Manoj K. Sharma Strategic Perspective of Flexibility and Competitiveness in Telecom Sector: A Study of Mobile Telecommunication Service Providers 2009 Prof. P.K. Jain
Dinesh Kumar Likhi Building an Alliance Capability Model: A Study of Select Industries in Indian Context 2009
P.K. Suri Strategic Insights into E-Governance Planning and Implementation: A Study of Select Agriculture Related Projects 2009
A.P.S. Sethi Technological Capability Building in Indian Manufacturing Industry: An Empirical Study on the Role of Technology Adoption and Adaptation Process 2008 Dr. J.S. Khamba & Dr. Ravi Kiran
Jaspreet Singh Oberoi Impact of New Technology and Sourcing Practices in managing Manufacturing Flexibilities 2008 Dr. J.S. Khamba & Dr. Ravi Kiran
Sushil Poddar Entrepreneurship versus Organizational Employment : A Study of Career Choice of Engineering Students in India 2008 Dr. S.K.Jain
Pratibha Malviya Innovation and Flexibility in Enterprise Systems: A Study of Select Organizations in Indian Automotive Sector 2008 Prof. S. Wadhwa
Farhad Khan Assessment and Evaluation of Technology Absorption and Innovation in Indian Small and Medium Enterprises 2007 Prof. Abid Haleem
B.V. Chowdary A Study of Manufacturing Flexibilities Using Entity-Relationship Model 2007 Prof. A. Kanda
R.C.Pathak A Study of HR Flexibility and Organizational Dynamics 2006 Dr. Neena Sinha GGSIP Univ., New Delhi
Broto Raut Internal Environment for Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Study of Select Organizations 2006 Dr. K. Momaya
P.K.Baboo Virtual Reality of Information Technology Policy Gaming using Flexibility Dynamics 2005
Prabhat Kumar A Study of Effectiveness and Change Management Dimensions of e-Governance 2005 Dr M.P. Gupta
Rajeev Dwivedi e-Business Transformation and Stakeholder Flexibility: A Study of Manufacturing Industry in India 2005 Dr K. Momaya
Luis C. Ceneviz The Role of Internal Communication in Enhancing Organizational Flexibility and Performance: A Study of Manufacturing Organizations 2005 Dr K. Momaya
A. Bhardwaj Role of Vendors in Technology Transfer-A Study of Automobile Industry 2005 Prof. S.K. Sharma, Kurukshetra University
Rajeev Garg Management of Socio-technical Change- A Study of Engineering Industry 2004 Prof. T.P. Singh, TIET, Patiala
V.K. Agrawal A Study of Business Process Reengineering 2004 Prof. Abid Haleem
Deepak Mongia Strategic Management of Change for Competitive Success–A Study in Indian Context 2003 Dr S.K. Jain
B. Chakravarthy Collaborative New Product Idea Management: A Flexible Model for Innovation 2003
V. Devgan Effectiveness of Technology Transfer from Defence R&D to Production Agencies: A Study of Select Technologies 2003 Dr K. Momaya
Babu Lal Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage and Corporate Performance-An Empirical Study of Select Organizations 2003 Prof. P. Vrat
Narender Singh Implementation Strategies for Integrated Product Development–A Study of Select Indian Organizations 2002
J.S. Khamba Flexible Management of New Technology 2001 Prof T.P.Singh TIET Patiala
A.K. Agrawal Global Transfer of Technology: Evolving Flexible Guidelines 2001 Prof. P.B. Sharma, Delhi College of Engineering
O.P. Sharma Management of Flexible Manufacturing Technology in Indian Engineering Industry 2000 Prof. P.B. Sharma, Delhi College of Engineering
A. Kak Strategy Formulation with Core Competencies and Flexibility 2000
C. Bisht Technology Forecasting, Planning and Implementation in the Indian Engineering Industry: A Flexible Systems Study 2000 Prof. A.D. Gupta
J. Chatterjee Strategic Transformation of Technology Based Indian Organizations: Exploring the Frameworks of Flexibility Under Turbulence 1999
Neeraj Flexibility in Quality and Productivity Strategy for Corporate Success: A Study in Indian Context 1998
A.B. Gupta Managing Manufacturing Flexibility for Productivity in Engineering Enterprises 1998 Prof T.P.Singh TIET Patiala
Z. Husain Strategic Management of Technology in Automobile Sector: A Study of Indian Organizations 1997
J.K. Mostafa Strategic Planning for Quality and Productivity Using Flexible Systems Methodology 1997
P. Ramaraj Flexibility with User Involvement in Planning for MIS Success: A Study in Indian Context 1996
A. Haleem Steel Planning and Policy Evaluation: A Flexible Systems Management Approach 1996 Prof. A. Kanda
Narendra Kumar On Development and Analysis of DSS for Unit Exchange Spares Management. 1995 Prof. Prem Vrat
Vinay Kumar A Systems Approach to Management of Technology 1995 Prof. D. K. Banwet
Rakesh Mowar Application of Systems Analysis for Management of Geo technical Engineering Projects 1995 Prof.R.N. Munshi MITS, Gwalior
M.E. Srinivas Portfolio Management of Institutional Investors in a DSS Framework 1994 Prof. P.K. Jain
T.P. Singh Analysis and Design of Waste Management System for Engineering Industry 1994 Prof. R. C. Bahl TIET, Patiala
H.D. Sharma A Multilevel Futures Research Study of Management of System Waste in India 1992 Mr. A. D. Gupta
Pankaj On Designing Expert Support Systems using System Dynamics and Fuzzy Sets 1992 Dr.K.Seth
J.P. Saxena Systems Analysis for Development of Energy Conservation Policy and Strategy in Indian Cement Industry 1991 Prof. Prem Vrat
M.P. Gupta Modelling and Analysis of Management Information System Architecture at National Level 1990
Anil Vij Energy Policy Modelling and Analysis for the Indian Economy 1990 Prof. Prem Vrat
C. Thangraj Investment Planning in Electric Power Systems 1989 Prof. M.C. Chaturvedi, Prof. D.P. Kothari
K.M. Mital Modelling and Analysis of Corporate Manpower Planning Process for Time Dependent Career Growth Policy 1988 Prof. Prem Vrat

Ph.D. in Progress

Name of the Student Title of Thesis Year of Completion Co-Supervisor
Rakesh Gupta Developing a Framework for Integration of Flexibility in Business Excellence Models In Progress
Arnab Mitra Development of Flexibility Maturity Model for Business Organizations In Progress
Prakash Kedia Strategic Framework for Managing Continuity and Change in Alignment of Technology Strategy and Business Strategy In Progress
Kamal Karnatak Information System Flexibility and Business Performance In Progress
Rashmi Verma Environmental Implications of Green energy Technologies in Indian Context In Progress Prof. R.P. Dahiya and Dr. Nisha Kumari
Sanjai Shukla Flexibility Maturity Model for IT and Electronics Companies In Progress
Aarti Singh Strategic Waste Management and Sustainability In Progress
Abhishek Kumbhat Analysis and Prediction Modelling of New Venture Performance: Business Models and Strategies In Progress
Archana G. Gulati Identification and Analysis of Regulatory Framework for Universal Service Interventions in Telecommunications In Progress Prof. Ravi Shankar
Sudhir Atreya Developing Strategic Framework for Design Flexibility Valuation of Agile Product Development In Progress
Amit Chatterjee Flexi-Quality Management In Progress Dr. Abhijit Majumdar
Gaurav Rana Formulation and Execution of Flexible Strategy for Himalayan Tourism Industry In Progress

MBA Projects Supervised

Name of Student Project Title Year of Completion Co-Supervisor
Sandeep Rajeev Innovation Management in Organizations at Different Stages of their Life Cycle 2015
Jithin P Gopal A Study on Innovation Management of Native and Global Automobile Companies in India 2015
Gaikwad Deepak Manohar Analytic Hierarchy Process for Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Flexible Manufacturing Systems: A Case Study of Indian Pump Manufacturing Company 2015
Prashant Mishra Study of Challenges & Turnaround Strategy of “Klauke India”- A German Engineering Company 2015
K Nitin Chakravarthi Influence of Continuity and Change Forces at Different Stages in the Life Cycle of Organizations 2014
Arjun Srivastava Inter-linkage of Business Strategy and Technology Strategy: A Case Study of a Large Indian Engineering and Manufacturing Public Sector Enterprise 2014
Abhijit Majumdar Managing the Confluence of Continuity and Change in Educational Institutes: A Status Study of Textile Technology Department of IIT Delhi 2014
Rajesh Kumar Jain International Technology Transfer in Mass Rapid Transit System: A Case Study of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited 2014
Devashish Makhija Coping with the Changing Scenario in Global Telecom Equipment Suppliers Market: A Case Study of Alcatel-Lucent 2014
T. Nandkumar Strategy for Managing Continuity and change Forces: A Case Study of an Indian Oil & Gas Maharatna Public Sector Undertaking 2014
Angela Susan Mathew Business Models in E-Retail: A Study of the Indian Context 2013
Aishwarya Kumar Tiwari Development of IT Project Portfolio for Indian Railways using Balance Scorecard 2013
Alok Kumar Sinha Quality as a Strategic Differentiator in Telecommunication Remote Service Delivery Organization 2013
Rajan Mittal An Analytical Study on Nokia’s Revival Strategy 2013
Brijesh Kumar Singh Restructuring: A Strategic Way to Bounce Back 2013
B. V. Subrahmanyam Talent Management-Strategic Frameworks for Talent Retention 2013
Vikram Sachdeva Mobile Communication in Healthcare November 2012
Umakant Dubey Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Strategies in Agricultural Research in India 2012
Prashant Dhingra The Turn Around Story of Pipavav Shipyard Ltd: A Case Study 2012
Radha Raman Chaudhary Strategic Flexibility for an Engineering Institute 2012
Ranu Srivastava IT Start-Up Strategy Approach and Implications 2012
Alok Agrawal Technology Transfer in Airports Authority of India-Perspective Analysis of Airport Security Systems 2012
Mathew P Varghese Strategic Development of Light Transport Aircraft by India (The Makers & The Market) 2012
Agam Srivastava A Study of Mergers and Acquisitions with Special Reference to Steel Sector 2012
Anurag sharma Technology Acquisition and Technology Absorption Airports Authority of India Perspective Analysis 2012
Prakash Kumar Kedia Ranking of Strategic Actions for Indian Automobile Manufacturing Enterprise: An Application of IRP (Interpretive Ranking Process) 2012
Parag Sehgal Defence Capital Procurements in India – A Focus on ‘Buy & Make (Indian)’ category and an Overview of Costing Methodologies 2012
Anirudh Sharma Comparative Analysis of Business Marketing Strategies Vodafone & Airtel 2011
Neeraj Bodra Strategic Flexibility in Public Sector Bank: A Case on Punjab National Bank 2011
G V R Sastry Technology Awareness in Small Enterprises in the Indian Tourism Sector 2011
Vishal Garg Enhancing Business Flexibility using PPP Model in Defence R&D 2011
Ashish Bhat Cloud Computing-would it Rain Benefits? (Strategic Performance Measures for Cloud Computing Service Providers) 2011
Sanjay Sharma Development of Total Interpretive Structural Modeling for Align and Adapt in Strategic Execution Excellence 2011
Jitendra Kumar Pandey Managing Continuity and Change Forces Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 2011
Ravinesh Kumar Indian Steel Industry: Growth Strategies (A Case Study of Growth Plan of SAIL) 2011
Ashwani Kumar Managing Change and Continuity – A Case Study on Ericsson 2010 Prof. Kanika T. Bhal
Sanjai Kumar Shukla Strategic Flexibility in HCL 2010 Prof. M. P. Gupta
Kapil Joshi Corporate Financial Management: A System Dynamics Model 2010
Bhart M. Kukreti Strategic Analysis of Recent Changes in Indian Telecom Sector 2010 Prof. S. K. Jain
Parminder Singh Bhasin IP Portfolio Management of a Leading MNC Pharmaceutical Company 2010 Prof. S. K. Jain
Rahul Garg R&D Productivity overview of Top 10 Unmerged Pharma Companies 2010
Padam Tewani Strategy for Growth and Sustainability of Construction Firms in India: Case of Ircon International Limited (A PSU Under Ministry of Railways) 2010 Prof. Vinayshil Gautam
Sandeep Chouhan Strategic Analysis of Gas Transmission Along HVJ (Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur) Pipeline 2010 Dr. Harish Chaudhry
Sumit Kumar Tyagi Integrating Strategy Planning and Operations Case Study: Birlasoft’s Siebel COE 2010
Rajneesh Kumar Strategic Analysis of Merger & Acquisition in Steel Sector A Case Study: Tata Corus, Arcelor Mittal 2010 Dr. Seema Sharma
Prashant Joshi Select Aspects of Business Strategy for Consultancy Organizations in Infrastructure Sector 2010 Prof. Vinayshil Gautam
Digamber Kumar Acquisition Integration of Bankrupt Company-Nortel (Men) by Ciena 2010 Dr. Seema Sharma
Tanmay Srivastava Strategic Alliance to Facilitate Financial Inclusion 2010
Praveer Saxena Study of Post-Acquisition Performance of Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited form Financial and Strategic Perspective 2010 Prof. Vinayshil Gautam
Pankaj Chaudhari Analysis of Generic Strategies and ITS Usage in Building a Brand in Global Business Environment: A Case Study 2010 Prof. Vinayshil Gautam
Manoj Yadav Indian Telecom, Growth Strategy and Future Prospect 2010 Dr. Seema Sharma
Lalitha Ramanathan Strategy Formulation for Mid-sized Fire Safety Company 2009
Bhuban Mohan Das Analysis of Balanced Scorecard and Studying it through ‘Flexible Strategy Game-card’: Case Study of BSNL 2009
Sandeep Kumar Agarwal Formulation of Change Management Strategy using Flowing Stream Strategy Framework – case study of 3M Company 2009
Vatsal Juvariwala Ethical Brands Index using Interpretive Ranking Process 2009 Dr. Mahim Sagar
Satyendra Kumar Study of Project Monitoring Mechanisms 0f Select Refinery Projects 2009 Prof. K.C. Iyer
Prasad KGV Analysis and Classification of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) as Part of the Portfolio Management 2008
Anupam Shrivastava Study of Competitiveness of the Tyre Firms in India: A Special Focus on CEAT 2008
Shivendu Pratap Singh Global Automotive Standards and their Implementation in IBM 2008
Mahesh Babu S Analysis of Select E-Business Models and Case Studies 2008
Haziali Nizam Shaikh Management of Continuity and Change in Selected Organizations 2008
Amit Aggarwal Managing Continuity and Change Forces- Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 2007
Pankaj Naresh Managing Consumer Expectations for a Power Distribution Company 2007
Shibashish Bhattacharjee Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 2007
B. Krishna Kishore Growth Imperatives and Challenges for the Indian software Industry 2007
K. Jothikumaran Frameworks for Mapping Organizations on Continuity-Change Matrix and Developing Flexible Strategies 2007
Kumar Chandra Singh Study of the Rural Telecom in India 2007
Vipul Jain Productization in the Indian software Industry 2006
Hitesh Bansal Risk Management and Business Continuity: Development of a Business Continuity Plan 2006
Arunanshu Pal Study of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Industry and Development of a Strategic Framework to Achieve Business Excellence 2006
Ajit Jain Value at Risk on a Currency Options Portfolio 2006
Anupam Saha Development of a Consultative Selling Framework and Emerging Technology Areas for Indian IT Organizations 2006
Pankaj Singhania Commodities Market Analysis and Business Plan for Brokerage Firm 2006
Manish Arora e-Procurement and Supply Management: Competitive Mapping and Emerging Trends 2005
Varun Bharti Business Plan for Global Business School 2005
Atul Singh Ranbaxy’s Globalization Journey 2005
Sushant Sachdeva Strategic Issues: Temporary Staffing 2005
Subhendu Mondal Changing Profile of IT Consultants in Collaborative Environment 2005
Sandip Chandak Expenditure Flexibility and Organizational Risk: It’s Impact on Financial Performance (A Study of NIFTY Companies) 2005
S.V.L. Prasad Business Plan-Introducing Tea Premium Outlet on the Lines of Barista and Café Coffee Day 2004
Hitesh Mago Knowledge Management for HCL’s SAP Practice 2004
Manik Sharma Outsourcing Practices: Case Study of a Leading Indian IT Company 2004
Muni Kumar Gali Measuring the Effectiveness of a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Channel–A Case Study 2004
Soumya Chatterjee A System Dynamics Simulation of Post Entry Integration- Case Study of Whirlpool Corporation of India 2004
Pappu R.S. Sarma Strategic Analysis and Systems Approach to Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL)–A Case Study 2003
Keertikar Mishra Market Analysis of IT and IT Enabled Services Outsourcing–A Case of Global Tele-Systems Limited 2003
Prateek Singh Mitter Extended Producer Responsibility and End of Life Vehicle Management–A Case Study of Maruti Udyog Limited 2003
R. Sourirajan Insurance in India: A Study on Alternate Distribution Channels for General Insurance 2003
Raj Kumar R. Food Retail Outlet–An Evaluation Framework 2003
Rachit Dhir Customer Relationship Management – A Case Study of Select Indian Banks 2002
Broto Rauth Potential of Bio informatics in Pharmaceutical Industry: A Study to Develop a Business Model 2002
Udita Taneja Strategy for E-Health Care 2002
Supratik Ray Call Centre: The Indian Perspective and the Value Chain 2002
Priyank Kalra Core Competence Based Strategy for Escorts Ltd. Agri Machinery Group 2002
S.G. Rao Strategic Choice and Strategy Implementation–A Case Study of Rockwell Automation 2001 Dr K.T. Bhal
R.R. Thakur Restructuring–An Answer to Future Success of the Eicher Group 2001 Dr S. Karunes
A.G. Nadathur Enhancing Value Creation in the B2B e Marketplace 2001 Dr K. Momaya
A. Krovvidi Strategic Planning Process for Business–IT Alignment in Software Firms-A Case Study of RMSI 2001
Kapil Mittal Change as a Strategic Weapon of Flexibility for the Telecom Service Providers 2001
K.Shankar A Strategic Framework for Gauging the Effectiveness of Mergers and Acquisitions 2001 Dr S. Karunes
Abey Jacob Business Modelling Project Management and CMM Capabilities–A Study from the TCS Context 2001
Rohit Pande Knowledge Management Strategies for Indian Knowledge Industry 2001
R.K. Mitra Economy Reforms and Indian Pvt. Sector –Way to co-Evolve 2000
Padmaja Rajgopalan Valuing M&A in the Pharma Industry 2000
Ashish Bhateja The Enigma of Existence: An Application of Theory of Constraints for the Formulation of Strategic Initiative 2000
S.K. Mittal Capital Market Dynamics Interplay of Major Economic and Financial Indicators 2000
Puneet Gupta Formulating A Strategy for Indian Software Industry 2000
S. Javed Mohsin Corporate Restructuring of North Eastern Electric Power Corp. Ltd. 2000
Ashutosh Agnihotri E-Marketing Proposal for Frito – Lay India Ltd. 1999

M.Tech. Completed

Name of Student Title of the Thesis Year of Completion Co-Super-visor
R.K. Verma BHEL’s Strategic Approach in Global Economic Integration 1997
A.K. Bali Power Sector Reforms: Emerging Trends and Role of PowerGrid as a Catalytic Agent 1997
S.K. Kohli Business Reengineering: Select Indian Case Studies 1997 Dr M.P. Gupta
Rajeev Chadha Quality Costs and Financial Performance: A Pilot Study 1997
Vineet Kansal Ownership Pattern Relationship with IT Practices in India 1997 Dr S. Kanungo
R.D. Deshmukh Technology Acquisition Through Licensed Production- Experiences in Indian Defence Industry 1996 Dr S. Karunes
V. Ashraf Restructuring of Organization- A Case Study 1996
A.K. Caplash Preparation for Implementation of ISO 9000- A Case Study of an Army Base Workshop 1996 Dr S. Karunes
D. Choudhury Demand Forecasting and Market Analysis of Cellular Phones and Services in India 1996
S. Khanduja Application of BPR in Industry 1996
Rajneesh Sharma Strategic Management of Change Through BPR- A Case Study 1996
Nitin Gupta A Study of Network Information Systems in Service Industries 1996 Dr S. Karunes
Rakesh Goel Flexibility in MIS in Service Industries 1995
Sabyasachi Pattnaik Technology Absorption and Implementation Using Emerging Management Paradigm- A Study in Indian Context 1995
Debashish Mukhopadhyay Understanding Organizational Flexibility- An Empirical Study on Select Organizations 1995 Dr S. Karunes
Madhup Agrawal Flexibility and Innovation in Management- A Study of Select Small and Medium Software Development Firms 1995 Dr S. Kanungo
Anil Lal World Class Management Systems- An Empirical Study of Select Organizations 1995
Pankaj Verma Computer Software Support for Evolving Strategic Plan of a Business Organization 1995
Prabhat Saxena Sensitive Index Based Cooperati 1995
Piyush Malik Impact of Flexibility on Financial Performance- A Study of B.S.E. Sensitive Index Based Corporate Firms 1995 Prof.P.K. Jain
Sandeep Malhotra Impact of Financial Reforms on Flexibility and Profitability of Corporate Sector-A Diagnostic Study 1995 Prof.P.K. Jain
Neeraj Bhatia Flexible Integration of Corporate Strategy with Project Management Business System- A Case Study 1994
U.C. Prasad Evaluation of Motivation: A Systems Approach 1994 Dr (Mrs) S. Karunes
S. Mishra A Study of Flexibility Motivation and Managerial Effectiveness in Indian Context 1994 Dr (Mrs) S. Karunes
Amul Bahl Indian Ethos in Management and Systems Inquiry‑ A Synthesis 1994
S.S. Kandpal Evaluation and Acquisition of New Technologies: Selected Indian Experiences 1994
H.C. Sharma Management Information System in Small Scale Unit‑ A Case Study 1994
S.K. Bose Energy Conservation in Oil and Process Industry 1993
A.K. Chhokra Quality Management System for Software Industry‑ An Empirical Study in Indian Context 1993
Arvind Kumar Quality Management System for Electronics Industry‑ An Empirical Study in Indian Context 1993
M.A. Abraham Motivation of workers: A Systems Study 1993
R.G. Kulkarni Modelling and Analysis of Financial Decisions using Physical Systems Theory and Goal programming 1993 Dr .P.K. Jain
Atul Bal Development of Computer Software System For Carrying Delphi Studies 1993
S.V. Ramnan System Dynamics Appraisal of Working Capital Management 1992 Dr P.K. Jain
M.K. Jain Qualitative Analysis of Feedback Loop Using Fuzzy sets 1992
I. Nagar Dynamic Simulation, Modelling and Gaming Environment‑An Integrated Approach 1992
A. Kak Application of Physical System Theory to Operations Management 1992
S.P. Ram System Dynamics Methodology for Evaluation of Corporate Strategy‑A case Study 1992
B.A. Chemmanar System Dynamics and Fuzzy Set Applications in Maintenance Management 1992 D.K. Banwet
P. Mittal Capital Budgeting Decision in Power Sector and Power System Economics in Selection of Engineering Alternatives 1992 Dr P.K. Jain
N.V. Satyamurty Development of Software for Library Information Systems 1992
S. K. Chugh A System Study of Materials Management System in B.P.C.L. (R) B.P.C.L.(R) 1992 B. Anand
P.K. Suri Development of Software Package for Program Planning 1992
S. Rajaraman Interactive Computer Package for Micro level Organizational Analysis 1992
Manish Gupta Systems Modelling for Central Budget 1991
A.K. Roy MIS for Business Planning: An Application of ISM and System Dynamics 1990 Dr.S.K.Jain
J.S. Sandhu Development of Software for Systems Modelling of Any Generalized Production System Using Physical System Theory 1990 Dr.D.K. Banwet
K.K. Ohri Wargaming Communication Electronic Warfare Resources: A Quantitative Approach 1990 Dr. D.K. Banwet
D.K. Choudhury Modelling and Analysis of Manufacturing of Turbo‑ generators 1990
P.K. Janmeja Software Development for PST: Modelling and Analysis of Production Inventory Systems 1990
C.K. Verma Conceptualization of Inter services Organizational Model Responsible for Growth of Children of Defence Service Personnel 1990 Prof.P.P. Singh
N.K. Mohapatra System Dynamics Modelling of Leadership in Groups: A Qualitative Analysis 1989
K. Apte An Integrated IDEF/ Petri Net Based Approach to Modelling of Manf. Systems 1989 Dr. A. Kanda
B. Pal Application of ISM and System Dynamics for Effective Design of MIS 1989
M. Kaliaperumal Analysis and Design of MIS for Power Sector of BHEL 1989
R.K. Gupta Management Information System Design‑A Behavioural Approach 1989
P. Lahoti Analysis And Design of MIS For Training and Development 1989
S. Mohon Design of MIS for the Mfg. Operations of DCM Toyota Ltd.: An Application of Structured Systems Analysis 1989 Dr.D.K. Banwet
S. Verma Corporate Sickness: A System Dynamics Approach 1989 Dr.P.K. Jain
M.V.S.L.Narayana DYSBASE: Dynamic Simulation with Data Base 1989 Dr.A. Kanda
A. Trigunayat Systems Analysis for Market Demand of Tractors Using Multiple Regression and Fuzzy Sets 1989
R. Sridhar System Dynamics Model for Marketing A New Product 1989
Allada V. Decision Support System for Capital Budgeting 1989 Dr.P.K. Jain
B. Satya Dev Decision Support System for Inventory Management 1989
A. Bajaj Modelling and Analysis of Cost‑ Flow‑ Quality in a Project Situation ‑ An Application of Extended Physical Theory 1989
S.R. Narayanan Analysis of Message Flow in Army‑ A Simulation Approach 1989 ‑‑
S.S. Rao Public Sector Bonds‑ An Appraisal 1988 Dr.P.K. Jain
S.K. Chandnani Modelling and Analysis of Financial Decisions‑A Joint Application of Physical System Theory and Linear Programming 1988 Dr.P.K. Jain
B. Raghu-nathan Interactive Decision Support System for Micro Level Organizational Analysis 1988 ‑‑
Pankaj Software Development for Relativity Dynamics Modelling 1988 ‑‑
P. Kumar Modelling and Analysis of Authority Responsibility and Management Effectiveness Relationships in an Organizational System 1988 ‑‑
T. Sarkar Management of Machinery and equipment in a Construction Project 1988 ‑‑
V.J. Vedi System Approach to Airport Management‑ Energy Conservation for Airport Building Using Waste Management Technique 1988 ‑‑
C.V.S. Rao Waste Management in Public Sector Industries 1988 ‑‑
S.N. Srivastava System Modelling of Waste Management in Steel Industry: A Case Study 1987 ‑‑
V. Kumar Inventory Management in Escorts Industrial Equipment Division: A Case Study 1987 ‑‑
S. Saxena Development of Waste Management System for an Industry 1987 ‑‑
S. Sharma Development of Management Information System for Civil Maintenance‑ A Case Study of CPWD 1987 ‑‑
J.P. Singh Design, Planning and Implementation of Hydro Power Projects 1986 ‑‑
A. Deshpande Management System for Large Turn Key Project in Petroleum Sector‑ A Case Study of H‑B‑J Pipe Line Project 1986 ‑‑
R.D. Sharma Design of Management Information System for Materials Management in a Public Sector Undertaking 1985 ‑‑
J.S. Sharma Waste Management in IIT community with Special Emphasis on Energy Waste 1985 ‑‑
A.K. Mittal Management of National Power Grid 1985 ‑‑
A.K. Gupta Computerized Information System Design for Controlling Production and Maintenance of Large LPG Plants (Cap. 1,00,000 TPA and above) 1985 ‑‑
K. Selvaraj Waste Management and Integrated Rural Development with Special Reference to System Modelling of Energy Flows. 1984 ‑‑
V. Patel Application of Goal Programming for Integrated Capital Budgeting and Financial Planning. 1984 -‑